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ID Cards

First Time Applicants Age Seventeen (17) or Older

  • One primary, two secondary documents and proof of residency
  • Two primary documents and proof of residency
  • A current Louisiana driver's license

If the applicant possesses a Louisiana driver's license and applies for an ID card, the name and address must be consistent.


  • One primary and one secondary document
  • Three secondary documents
  • Verification through the department's photo retrieval database

Applicants Sixteen (16) and Under

  • Required documents presented by the minor and the parent or guardian 
  • Signature of parent or legal guardian
  • Applicants 15 years of age and younger have an option of a 2 year or 4 year issuance period under the Protect and Save our Children Program.

To comply with the Military Selective Service Act [Act 373 of 2003 Regular Legislative Session - R.S. 32: 418 and 40:1321(D)(1)], a social security number is required by all male US citizens or permanent resident aliens ages 15 to 26 who apply for license or ID card. Failure to provide proof of social security number will result in a denial of issuance.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Information
An applicant has the option to provide emergency contact information. This information will be contained in the motor vehicle record. The ICE information will assist law enforcement and emergency personnel in notifying the contact individual in cases of emergency.