Are you REAL ID ready?

Beginning May 7, 2025, Louisiana residents will need to present a REAL ID compliant license/ID, or another acceptable form of identification, for accessing federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and boarding commercial aircraft. The card, itself, must be REAL ID compliant unless the resident is using an acceptable alternative document such as a passport or passport card, or state-issued Enhanced Driver’s License. The REAL ID Act does not require individuals to present identification where it is not currently required to access a federal facility nor does it prohibit an agency from accepting other forms of identity documents (such as a U.S. passport or passport card).

Secure driver's licenses and identification documents are a vital component of our national security framework. The REAL ID Act, passed by Congress in 2005, enacted the 9/11 Commission’s recommendation that the Federal Government “set standards for the issuance of sources of identification, such as driver's licenses.” The Act established minimum security standards for license issuance and production and prohibits Federal agencies from accepting for certain purposes driver’s licenses and identification cards from states not meeting the Act’s minimum standards. The purposes covered by the Act are: accessing Federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft.

Documents to Establish Identity, Date of Birth, and Lawful Status

A United States citizen shall provide at least one of the following to establish the applicant's identity and lawful status:

  • A valid, unexpired United States passport or passport card.
  • Original birth certificate or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state of the United States. "State" includes the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.), the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico (must be certified as being issued on or after July 1,2010), or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.
  • Consular report of birth abroad issued by the United States Department of State, Form FS-240, DS-1350, or FS-545.
  • Certificate of naturalization issued by the Department of Homeland Security, Form N-550 or N-570.
  • Certificate of citizenship, Form N-560 or N-561, issued by the Department of Homeland Security.

Documents to Establish Social Security Information

Social Security information can be provided verbally.

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles utilizes Social Security Online Verification (SSOLV) to verify the Social Security information with the Social Security Administration. The following list contains acceptable documents of social security verification:

  • Social Security Card
  • W-2 Tax Form with applicant's name and full or partial Social Security Number
  • SSA-1099 with applicant's name and full or partial Social Security Number
  • A non-SSA 1099 form with applicant's name and full or partial Social Security Number
  • A pay stub with the applicant's name and full or partial Social Security Number
  • If an applicant temporarily resides in the United States, he should visit the following link for information on social security requirements: Driver's License Issuance for Aliens Temporarily Residing in Louisiana. Verification proof is required from the Social Security Administration if the applicant is not eligible for a social security number.

Documents to Establish Principal Residence

Present two (2) original documents which include the applicant’s name and Louisiana street address. The documents must be from separate/independent sources.

  • Utility bills (i.e., water, sewer, gas, electric, cable/satellite TV, internet, telephone/cell phone, or garbage collection)
  • Financial statements (i.e., bank/credit union account, investment account, credit card account, or loan/credit financing)
  • Applicant's unexpired Louisiana driver's license, permit or identification card that shows his current principal residence
  • Employer verification, including, but not limited to, one of the following: - Paycheck or paycheck stub - Letter from your employer on company letterhead - W-2 for earnings issued - Military orders issued
  • The applicant's parent, guardian, spouse or other immediate family member residing in the same household’s valid Louisiana driver's license, permit or identification card. The family member must be present.
  • Health insurance statement or explanation of benefits (EOB) for claim or a health care bill/invoice
  • State of Louisiana or Federal income tax return or refund check
  • Social Security documentation including Social Security Annual Statement, Numerical Identification System record, or Social Security check
  • School record or transcript, report card, or student loan application
  • Homeowners insurance policy or premium bill
  • Mortgage, payment coupon, deed, escrow statement or property tax bill
  • Louisiana Voter Registration card
  • Auto-Insurance Policy
  • Unexpired Firearms License (Gun Permit)
  • I-797A or I-797C issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Refugee Address Verification Affidavit (DS-20)
  • Current, valid, rental contract/agreement and/or rent payment receipts for a home, apartment, mobile home, dorm, extended stay motel, retirement/assisted living home, or a letter from a shelter.

If the Department of Public Safety and Corrections obtained copies or images of personal identifying source documents from an applicant between July 7, 2008 and June 14, 2016, those documents are required be removed and purged from the Department’s and the Department’s contractors databases and systems upon the applicant's request. If the applicant's photo was obtained by the Department between July 7, 2008 and June 14, 2016, and is in the possession of a contractor of the Department, that picture is required to be purged from the database and system of that contractor upon the applicant's. An applicant can call 225-925-6146 in order to request either or both of these actions be taken.


All applicants for initial issuance of a REAL ID driver's license or identification card must provide proof of the following:

  • Identity
  • Evidence of lawful status in the United States
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Two (2) proofs of principal residence