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The first payment will be taken the day you enter into an installment plan. The payment method provided for the first payment will be used for all remaining payments unless updated through the customer portal or by phone at (225) 925-6146 (option 3).

Auto-Draft Payments

After the first payment, the next payment will be drafted on the 10th of the following month, unless 30 days from the first payment have not passed. If 30 days have not passed then it will not be drafted until the following month. 


If a plan is entered on 3/04/24. The next payment will be drafted on 4/10/24.

If a plan is entered on 03/15/24. The next payment will be drafted on 5/10/24.

Payment Schedule

Payments are based on the amount owed:

  • up to $250.00 - 6 monthly payments
  • $251.00 to $750.00 - 12 monthly payments
  • $751.00 to $1500.00 - 24 monthly payments
  • $1501.00 to $2500.00 - 36 monthly payments
  • $2501.00 to $4999.00 - 48 monthly payments
  • $5000.00 and up - 60 monthly payments

Payment Method Fees

In addition to the monthly installment amount, a service fee will be applied to each payment and varies depending on the payment type used.

  • For credit/debit/prepaid cards - a 2.5% fee plus an additional $3.00 transaction fee will be applied to each payment
  • For bank account draft - a $1.00 fee plus an additional $3.00 transaction fee will be applied to each payment. 

Additional Payments

Additional payments made at any time do not take the place of the auto-draft payment. 

To remain in an active plan, the auto-draft payment must be successful or the plan defaults. If you default on an installment plan for any reason, your debt will be referred to the Office of Debt Recovery (ODR), your fees will increase, your license will be suspended, and any unsatisfied items included in the plan will be returned to the previous status if you do not do either of the following within 60 days:

  • Pay the remaining balance of the installment plan; or
  • Enter into a new installment plan and the balance will be divided up into monthly payments. 

Once referred to ODR, all amounts "eligible for offset" will be seized, up to the amount of the outstanding debt with OMV plus any additional fees. A claim will also be filed with the United States Treasury Offset Program. Collection tools may be used to collect the outstanding debt referred to ODR which may include reporting the debt to a credit reporting agency or suspending and/or revoking a professional license.


  • Notify OMV when any information changes, such as credit card/debit card number, bank account number, expiration date, etc.

  • Ensure the type of card on file allows for recurring payments (monthly payments) to be auto-drafted (some cards have restrictions placed on them and prevent or limit the number of recurring payments)

  • Your account must have enough available funds to cover the withdrawal of both the installment plan fee and the service fee on the 10th day of the month.